AT Report: Andros II

{Photo from May '08)
Today is the day! The last Wednesday of the month. This is the day that puppy raisers with dogs in advanced training(AT) look forward to! Since Andros just entered AT we will be getting a call from them sometime today. In this call his trainer will talk about how he did in the temperament testing, and how he is adjusting to life at CCI. It's always great to hear how your pup is doing, since before turn in you were with them 24/7! After this month all other reports will be send via email....until the one before graduation, but I won't jump to conclusions!

Report #1 regarding Andros II:
Well I just talked with Suzanne Andros's current trainer. He is adjusting well to the kennels, eating and drinking well. He behaves himself in the play yard with the other dogs. He is also being good around his "kennel mate" ROY. She also said he was a very easy dog to manage for them and the kennel staff. They have done three temperament tests on Andros. The first was where they attached a toy to a flexi lead and then let it zip along the ground. The perfect response would have been for the dog to stand at the handlers side. Andros did run after it but when he got to it he just stood and looked at it which was a better response than picking it up and running around with it. The second test was where they brought CCI's bunny out. Andros was OK with it from a distance and just stood at the handlers side. When they started walking closer thought he lunged at the bunny but then settled down. She thought that with corrections these two responses would probably subside. During these temperament tests they just watch the dogs react, they don't give corrections or commands. When they did a test where they roll him over he was wiggly and did not want to. From this they thought he might be a more insecure/soft/sensitive dog. She said it was not a major problem but something that needed to be kept in mind during his training. She also told me that no dog is perfect which was helpful to remember. Andros I think you're doing great and can't wait till next month when I get your next report!

I'm cheering for you Andi man!
~Madison & Butler


  1. We're continuing to cheer for Andros too!

  2. Interesting tests! I love hearing what kinds of things the trainers are looking at. Such a cute baby pic of Andros--look at those huge paws. What a good boy.

  3. Go Andros! You can do it! :)

  4. Sounds like a great report!! :) Suzanne was Penelope's trainer too (we raised Penelope in NC region)and I know she did a fantastic job and really gave Penelope every chance she could have had to graduate. GO ANDROS!!!

  5. Good luck Andros! We're rooting you on!

  6. That's neat that they call you for the first report. Here in NER they don't do that! I wish they would because it seems so much more informative. Good luck to Andros, he seems to be adjusting well!

  7. Good boy Andros! The report sounds really rather positive!


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