7 days.....

I am SO excited and SO sad also as my trip to CCI gets closer. I love Andros and can't wait to see what he becomes and also I want to pick up my almost 3 month old Butler. I also am saddened as my nearly perfect, housebroken, loving dog leaves. The dog I've taught everything he know. It will be sad. Not that we are at 7 days it is the week of lasts. Last church service, last cello lesson.

BUT I can't wait to pick up my new baby! I can't wait to start teaching him. To look into those loving eyes. To teach this little pup who know nothing...I will teach everything. I will help him conquer fears and prepare him for the life that lies ahead...It will be great!

Enjoy your week,
Madison & Andros II(TI 7 days and counting)


  1. Andros will do wonderful things :) Enjoy the moments with him and get ready for BUTLER!!! :)

  2. Waiting is the hardest, but it's exciting that you don't have to wait to get another puppy, that will help ease the sadness. As far as letting go of a dog that's all trained and bringing home a new one that isn't, well, he'll get there! :)

  3. A few months ago I was in the same situation--time couldn't pass quickly enough, but it couldn't last long enough either! It's been a privilege to watch Andros grow on your blog. I can't wait for Butler to arrive!

  4. Hi! It's difficult to let him go, I just can imagine! Good luck with the new puppy!

  5. Take lots of photos of Andros this week!!


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