What does Andros do....

on a nice boring day! I know I'm a little late in doing this, but thought I'd do it anyway! This was a rather boring day but thought you'd enjoy it never the less!

Day: April 3, 2009

I awaken most mornings to Andros sitting in his kennel looking at me. He never barks as he is a silent dog....but looks at me with those cute puppy dog eyes and tells me he wants to go out.

I then open the kennel door and Andros WAITS until told OK. We then grab his collar and head down stairs! We then head outside to let him HURRY!

Andros then heads to the grass to HURRY. After that he finds his detergent bottle/milk jug to play with his buddy Ruby for a bit before breakfast. They usually play until Andros remembers that it's time to eat!

I then scoop his food and put his Missing Link food supplement on it! We then head to the hallway to SIT then WAIT for the OK to eat some kibble. He then eats it like he's never eaten before in his life!

We then head to the school room and I give him a bit of water...which also induces some WAIT/OK practice. Andros then plays with his purple Wubba and lays on his girly bed while I get some school done.

On this day we also went to a class, but I forgot my camera! Sorry!

Andros finishes his day off with some more snooze time...Andros loves his round bed!

Hope you enjoyed the post about Andros's life!
~Madison & Andros(Currently on his bed snoozing, as usual)


  1. I love your term "girly bed"! Andros has a nice life--what a lucky pup!

  2. Cool! :) Wait are you home schooled too? :) I am and I LOVE it!!!!! :)


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