A VERY broad update....

A few weekend ago Andros and I went with our church to the AWANA games! It was great and he was a good boy! Here are just a photos from the event!

Here are a few more photos from: Science class, Target, Awana, Practice with Hammond, and the park! Enjoy the photos!

~Madison & Andros II(1 month, 6 days till D-Day)


  1. hahaha I love the last picture! He looks like a little human pushing the cart :) So adorable

  2. I use to be in AWANA. I went to AWANA Games too, but now I'm not in it. :) I was only in it until Sparks (I think like the third book if that is what it was because I can't remember because it was a long itme ago!). Then either we just stopped or we changed churches. I'm not sure...... :)


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