Taylor Youth Conference

On Friday we arrived at Taylor University and had an event right away! We played a game show type game and we sat on bleachers and Andros did pretty well. He was a little nervous for a bit but then relaxed!

We then walked around campus, have several chapels, and small group time. Andros did well the entire time. The music was a little loud so my mom kindly sat outside with Andros as it was loud for my ears!

Andros and I also got to stay in the dorms. He did great, met many people who missed their pooches, and listened amazingly!

The campus was beautiful and I took many photos...enjoy! :)

~Madison & Andros

Dorm Room Photos:

Photos of Andros sleeping...

His spot in the PACKED car!

Some photos taken while playing in the grass.


  1. Looks like fun. Also, GDB just put up some pictures of Allijah/Brazil litter on thier flicker account. Here is a pic of Brazil with the puppies

    And her is the link to the rest (they are toward the bottom)


    Enjoy! They are all adorable!!
    Megan & Fullerton

  2. Great pics! I really love your red hair!

  3. I'm glad he did so good. (Isn't it great when your puppy does amazing???) :D

  4. That is so cool. I hadn't realized you were going to Taylor. My daughter is a senior there and I would have told her to look for you. Both Cheetah and Lightning have been to the campus. I am so glad Andros did well for you on the trip!

  5. She had gone home to help pack the moving van, but she got back to school Saturday. Which dorm were you in? Cheetah stayed in English, but Lightning stayed in a hotel room with me. My daughter was in English for the first years, but this year is in the new apartments.

  6. Looks like a great trip! And Andros looks so handsome and grown up!


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