Pupdate #1: Butler

Here is some information that I got from Amber & Morris:
"Brazil is a 50/50 yellow cross, so the puppies are 3/4 golden 1/4 lab. They're all yellow, with both long and short coats. I saw them last time I was on campus and they are cute little fuzzballs."

Butler's GDB siblings have "S" names. I am so excited about getting him! Since there are 25 days till drop off and pick up the time should go by moderately! Lastly here is a photo of Butler's dad Alijah!

~Madison & Andros II


  1. YAY I am so excited to see what the little guy looks like!!! The dad is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. That's so special that you're getting the only puppy coming to CCI! I'll keep an eye out for some "S" babies. :D

  3. Butler is just 2 days older then Westin :) Can't wait to "meet" him!


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