Conclusion of guessing game!

Well I have been given my assignment for puppy #3 and the winner is....


On May 16th I will be picking up Male, LGX Butler.
He is from a Guide dog for the blind CCI breeding(My PPM said Guide dog breeding...I assumed GDB). He will be coming to North central region this Friday then going into a foster home until May 16.

If any of you GDB people out here know of a "B" Litter coming out April 24th that is CCI/GDB let me know!

~Madison & Andros


  1. Rats--I wanted to win...but I guess since we ALL lost, we sort of all won, too?!? No? But I like the name Butler! May 16 is right around the corner!

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE the name Butler! Perfect for a little helper! :D
    Can't wait to "meet" him!

  3. I think there was a GDB Brazil x CCI Alijah litter born about 2/23/09?

  4. I was gonna say the litter Jen said but I think they will be a tad old. The only other cross litter I know of was from an outside breeder and GDB's Brisbane but the outside breeder isn't from CCI. They were born 3-5-09 I think. . . Anyway, Butler is an excellent name. How fun, can't wait to meet him. :D

  5. Jen and Megan I think you are right! They are suppose to go out to PR's this week(they are 8 weeks today). I just can't pick my little butler up for another 3 weeks....I think that is the right litter though. Do you guys know if Brazil is a LGX?

  6. Oh I gotcha, that makes sense. It could be the Brazil/Alijah litter then. :D Yes, Brazil is 1/2 lab and 1/2 golden. I am pretty sure the litter letter is "S" though. Unless CCI changed the letter to fit their birth order. :D Can't wait to find out, that would be so cool if you got a pup from that litter.

  7. I wish I had pictures for you. :( The wait is always the hardest part. :D

  8. YAY for pup number 3! You have you A, B, and C. Pup number 4 a D?


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