"G" Pupdate(Wyla x Jaker/Pirie)

NOTE: I apparently can't type...it is not a "W" litter it is a "G" Litter. Sorry Sammy...I was confused...
The "G" puppies turned 4 weeks old on Sunday. Meaning they are 1/2 way to puppy raising. I am still as clueless as you all regarding which pup from which litter will be coming home! Enjoy the pictures...they are now ruffing up their blankets and tugging on each others ears! So cute!

~Madison & Andros II


  1. How incredibly cute. What date are you getting your puppy?

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  3. Awdang :( well either way, my puppy will be 7 weeks 2 days on April 17, so if one of us does the math.....


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