A pleasure to take in public!

This is the wonderful compliment I got from Andros's puppy sitter!

On Friday Andros and Beth(puppy sitter) went to CCI Presentation #3 and a hockey game.

At the CCI presentation Beth told me that Andros did great at the presentation! They did 3 mini presentations in this big presentation. Andros listened to his commands and ignored the other CCI puppies very well. He did refuse to do a roll, but hey no dog is perfect all the time. I was very proud!

Later that evening they went to a hockey game. At the game Andros curled up on the blanket Beth brought for him and went to sleep. He was good even though the loudness of the hockey and PA system! I was Super-Duper proud of this!

I will be picking Andros up tomorrow(3/8) at around 7:00. I am very excited and have missed him greatly! You never know how much they add to your day until you don't have them in your day! I'll post some pictures tomorrow when we get home!

I can't wait!
-Madison w/o Andros(Only for another 25 hrs & 13 minutes!)


  1. Madison, I saw a CCI puppy sitter today at the store!! She asked if Mikah was a CCI puppy and we talked for a while. Just wanted to tell you - it;'s exciting to meet puppy people in public!


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