I couldn't be happier...

as my boy is doing great!

Last Thursday he went to presentation #1. He did okay but was a little unresponsive to the commands. He had only been with Beth for a day, so he needed to bond with her a bit more. She said she was going to work with him more.

Update number two was very good as well. Him and Beth's current puppy Graham went to a rehabilitation center so Beth could visit a friend. She said he did well, he had wonderful behavior during the visit to her friend's room and when they visited the therapy room. I was thrilled to hear he was doing well. He also has been enjoying playing with Graham and Gader.

Today update number three came in. Andros did fantastic at CCI presentation #2. He listened well to all her commands and behaved appropriately for the two special education classes. Tomorrow they will be going to some non-CCI dog training meeting. Then on Friday they will be heading to my hometown to do a Career day CCI presentation. It is about 3 hrs. long, but Andros will do great in his wise old age of 13 months! He can be a role model for all the baby puppies. Then on Friday night he will be going to his first hockey game, I'm sure he'll do GREAT!

I miss him but know that this will help him in his future career! Auntie Beth is a GREAT puppy raiser, she'll help him learn some new things and expose him to some new situations!

I'll be picking him up on Saturday!
~Madison w/o Andros
(PS: Some puppies might have been born today!)


  1. Wow, he has been one busy puppy. Glad he is doing so good with the puppy sitter. :D

  2. Yay Andros! Way to be awesome, bud :)


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