One year aniversary of Conover's Martriculation

One year ago today, February 16, 2008 I was in Delaware, OH turning in my first Canine Companions for Independence Trainee in for his Advanced Training. I cried at Graduation, ate lunch, then headed to the kennels. Here I saw my boy happily playing with his brother Collier.

It didn't really end how I had imagined, but was good none the less. He was a great puppy and is a great dog, for his new owners. I love him and thank him for all the times he helped me grow as a puppy raiser. All my puppies in the future owe him thanks!

Madison & Andros


  1. i recognize the background to that photograph! :)

    it's the infamous photo spot haha.

  2. i recognize that background...the infamous photo spot! :)

  3. oh! anniversary's are fun, they let you think back on all those funships and hardships :) I bet he is having the time of his life these days :)


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