IWYPRSD: Longest name, simpe event!

Today was a great day! I wore my CCI shirt and went to a cello Lesson. Other than that IWYPRSD consisted of school, coldness, TV, and work! Andros and I had fun never the less. It was fun to get up and put my PR shirt on and think of how lots of people are all doing the same!

Can't wait to see all the posts! Next year will be GREAT!! Hopefully with even more people!
~Madison & Andros(I wear MY CCI gear all the time!)


  1. Yay! Andros seems to be pretty happy just chillin for a picture! Wait till you get cuddly, squirmy puppy #3, just wait ;)

  2. Cute! I also had fun thinking about all the other raisers out there wearing their shirts today.

  3. Cute shirt - cute smile! I agree... it was so much fun thinking about everyone else wearing their shirts!

  4. yeah, kind of like you, most of the shirts i own are KSDS related! and I wear them everywhere! ha ha

  5. I apologize for my lateness, but nonetheless wanted to say thanks very much in joining in the celebration of IWYPRS day and sharing your story and pics!

    I also wanted to ask if it would be ok to post a picture and/or a link to this post on the IWYPRSD website.

  6. Sam H.,
    That would be GREAT to post the photo and link....It was fun!


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