Brown snow, blue skies, and 60 degree weather!

Hello All,
Today was a wonderful day for us living in the cold Midwest! I took my dogs on a walk and played with the camera. The snow was melting and the dirt road by my house was disgusting and Andros got so gross! He had to have a "belly bath". Here are some pictures of Andros today!

~Madison & Andros


  1. We're going through the brown snow thing here now. I like the warmup, but would love a half inch of snow to whiten things up a bit. The dogs would like another foot!

  2. mmmm... belly baths! We've had a few of those too! Andros is really looking grown up now... and so handsome!

  3. Oh Andros, you are soo handsome! I would LOVE to be your Valentine!


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