Snow, Snow....and a bit more SNOW!

Well we have A LOT of snow here! Probably about a foot! The worst thing is that Gill has trouble walking through it to HURRY and it gets in my boots...ugh!

Today Gilly and I went to babysit at another puppy raisers house...only we were babysitting her daughter. Gilly had fun retrieving toys the child threw and playing with their CCI pup. We also worked on not jumping up on the little girl, he did very well!

When we got home Andros and Gilly played and cuddled until we(Andi, Gill & I) went to take my brother to a guitar Lesson. The three dogs and I sat in the car while I studied Advanced Biology and ate a Jimmy Johns Sandwich. It was a good time and both dogs were angels!

Tonight we are no doing much just Awana. Tomorrow we will be going to obedience class. Only a few more days of Gilly...I'm gonna miss that silly boy!

~Madison, Andros, & Gilly


  1. What's a Jimmy Johns Sandwich? I don't think we have those here and I'm very intrigued ;) haha

  2. Jimmy Johns is a sandwich place...nothing fancy I just LOVE it!


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