School Presentation

On Thursday we headed down to a School here in (MY STATE). It was about a 1.5 hr ride due to the snowy roads. We got there about one hour early so I took the puppies on a walk to get some exercise and to HURRY. After that we headed to the restaurant. We ate and talked about CCI. We then headed to the upper elementary school at around 2:10. We put capes on, HURRIED pups, checked in, then headed to the library for our Presentation. We talked about CCI, out dogs, and the two older dogs showed off the commands like ROLL, BACK, LAP, VISIT, etc. The little pups showed sit, and Shake! They all did great! After we were done everyone asked about petting the pups then we ATTEMPTED to take of all the puppies!

Enjoy the picture!
~Madison, Andros, & Gilly

From L-R it goes Graham, Dennison, Rosemary, Gilly, & Andros.

The two pups in the 3rd picture are Graham and Gilly they are brothers! (Lilac IV x Paolo)


  1. How cool you had that many dogs at a presentation! Usually for presentations like that we can only get two dogs. Ellie goes for her temperament tests for presentations soon *fingers crossed* So, hopefully, she'll get to start doing more than just sitting there and start showing off commands!

    Love the pics - how cool!


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