Picture Game!!!!

We got tagged by Alana & Elizabeth for the picture game!

Rules: go to your picture folder, and in the 6th folder, choose the 6th picture and tell the story behind that photo. And then tag six more people to play!

Ok all, my 6th folder was my CCI puppy folder. So I chose the 6th folder and 6th photo in the Andros and Conover folder! Enjoy!

Picture number one is from December '06 when I had Conover. I had run up the stairs and my mom got a picture of Conover waiting at the bottom looking for me! Conover was 3 months old! :)

The second picture is from a CCI event in my town where we did a CCI booth! Andros was 4 months old and enjoyed flaunting his stuff with all the big dogs! Can anyone tell which pup is Andros????

I am gonna tag Sammy and Mikah!

Hope you all are having great days here its a blizzard! EWWW!!!


  1. He is such a beautiful boy! We will definitely post this on Tuesday when I have some mikah pics :)

  2. I love the picture of Conover at the bottom of the stairs!

    Andros is the puppy on the far left!


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