Double Digists!!!!!!

Happy Month Day Andros! You are now 10 months old! I remember when you were little and your puppy cape didn't even fit! Oh how time has flown!!!

Ok guys so as I said my 16th Birthday is on the 4th and I got a Car!!! It's so cool and on the ride home from picking it up in true puppy fashion Andros puked in it! I love pups! :)

Wicked was amazing and I LOVED it!!!!!

Lastly here are some Car/10 month pictures!!!

~Madison & Andros


  1. OMG!!!!!! WAY TO AWESOME!!!!!!
    Good boy Andros! Breaking it in nicely! :-))))

  2. New cars always have to be broken in. When I bought the car I have now a week later it got pooped in. Not by my puppy but by one I was puppy sitting. It was totally gross. Way to go Andros, the car is an official doggy Car now. It is a nice car too by the way. Sweet ride. :)

  3. Happy birthday - and I LOVE your ride. Wow - he didn't waste any time did he?! Ha ha!

  4. Super cool Prius! ;) Happy early birthday and congrats on turning 16.

  5. Ahhh happy 10 months to Andros! You sure scored on the car, it's nice! Glad Andros likes it to. ;)

  6. Happy 10 month day to Andros, and 16 year day to you!! And NICE car!! That's awesome :)

  7. Wow! Happy 10 months!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the car Madison!
    Yeah the first day we brought Shadow home, he puked in my lap!

  8. Happy birthday! And that is a fantastic first car! Way too funny about Andros though... my sister's dog christened my new car a few years ago by puking not only in the car, but in the front seat and it all ran down between the console and the passenger seat. I thought it was hilarious (luckily for my sister)!


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