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A few days ago Andros and my family put up the Christmas tree. It was very fun and Andros learned that you don't eat ornaments very fast! It is so much fun to have a "1st Christmas". Here are some pictures from the last step of our "Christmas tree construction"! I will add the other ones once I get them off my dad's camera.

Here are some pictures that I took from my car so you guys can see Andros's spot in the car!

Yesterday Andros and I went shopping. We shopped from about 10:00-3:00 all I can say is that Andros was VERY tired!

Lastly here are some pictures from when I got my license! It was fun! I LOVE having my license! Andros and I cruise around town together and I enjoy it!

~Madison & Andros II


  1. Very cool! I love andros's special spot too cute!!!
    Its awesome having your own car, cause you can go more places then you do with your parents!

  2. LOVE the Christmas tree pics, and CONGRATULATIONS on getting your license!

    Kara and Jen

  3. Ok, so I looked for you on Facebook and alas, you were not to be found.... :(

  4. Congrats on the license! I was there not too long ago and what a great feeling it was!
    Hope you got all your christmas shopping done. I bet Andros was a sleepy boy that night.


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