2008 Memories!

This post is going to be full of a picture from each month in 2008...enjoy!
In January Conover met new Leader dog pup Izzie!

February 2008 I turned my first puppy Conover into Advanced training!

In March I went to Florida and got many photos of the "A" Litter and knitted a "puppy blanket"

At the end of March I got my Lovable boy Andros as my new CCI pup!

On April 21, 2008 Conover was released from Advanced Training and went to live with the Hunt Family!

In May Andros went to his first CCI party! Boy did he have fun!

In June Andros did his first CCI booth...he had fun here too!

In July Andros did VBS!!!

In August Andros and I did REALLY well at Fair and State dog show!

September we did a booth for Mutt March and sat on the beautiful bluff all day spreading CCI's name!

October was the CCI (MY STATE) puppy workshop! It was fun spending time with all the other Puppy raisers!

November was a very snowy month! Andros, Kati, and I made THE BEST SNOWMAN, and his name was Timmy!

December was a nice quiet holiday month, spend with my wonderful CCI puppy Andros...

I am thankful for this whole year, even though it did not go QUITE as I expected! I am thankful for my pups no matter what road they take. I am looking forward to another year. Happy New year, God Bless!

~Madison & Andros II
CCI puppy raiser and the best puppy EVER!


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