Our White world Blogged!

I finally got around to posting!
First I shall post the pictures of "Awana Fever night". Andros was very good and tolerated stickers being put on him. He is doing great in his training and I am very confident taking him anywhere!

On Sunday Andros, My friend Kati, and I built a snowman named Timmy! It snowed VERY much on Friday and Andros loved it! I enjoy seeing him so happy about the snow!

This week is Thanksgiving and I shall have lots of time to take Andros places, play with him, and train him! It shall be fun!

ALSO!!!! I will be 16 on the 4th of December! My birthday party is on the 30th and I am going to see Wicked! Andros is going over to Tolan and Gilly's house for the day! It shall be fun but I will miss my boy....well not really cause I'll be at WICKED!!!!!

~Madison & Andros II


  1. TOo cute - wow - you did get a lot of snow! And, happy early bday!

  2. I'm jealous of your snow. :) Holly's puppies will be coming right around your birthday. They are due on the sixth.

  3. No fair! We want snow!

    Happy Birthday (soon!) Madison!

    ---Sarah and Shadow

  4. Oh my! I am soo jealous that you get to see Wicked! I've wanted to see that for years...

  5. Good job Andros! Isn't AWANA fun!

  6. Two things... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (almost)!!!

    And... AAHHH WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ditto Joanna!!

    WICKED!!!!!! It's seriously going to be amazing! :)


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