Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a list of puppy related things I'm thankful for! :)

1. My parents who have let me raise 2 pups in their house.

2. My extended family who have put up with me bringing my pups to their house.

3. My friends who love me even with leash in hand.

4. That Conover lives just down the street.

5. That Andros is so calm and listens so well.

6. That CCI has let me be a puppy raiser for them!

7. I'm thankful that my vet Dr. Richards give me a discount for my pups!

8. Most importantly, I'm thankful for Andros & Conover, the best pups ever!!!!

There are probably more I'll add later! Happy Thanksgiving all...remember no people food for the puppers! :)

~Madison, Andros, & Ruby


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