The "C" Litter and Gilly!

Well the only "C" Litter graduate had graduated! Clayton, from NJ graduated this weekend in New York as a service dog. He will be living about 10 minutes from his puppy raiser's home! He was a great pup and I congratulate Donna Brown(his puppy raiser) as she is 3 for 3! Also she will be picking up a Female LGX named Maisie this week!

I would also like to congratulate Dee a MI puppy raiser on her newest pup Gilly! He is a male LGX who she picked up on Saturday! Holding him made me want to get anther puppy really bad!

This is my mostly boring post! One about Andros will be coming though!



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  2. Do you know anything about Maisie? Just wondering if she's related to my "M"...probably not but it's worth a shot :)

  3. Hope to see a post about Andros soon! That's ok, boring posts happen...


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