Women and Lots of Them!( TruWomen 08)

Last Thursday my mom, Kelsey, Andros and I went to the TruWomen 08 conference. It was AMAZING! Pretty much we went shopping, rode on a trolley, went to Ikea, and sat through lots of talks. Andros did REALLY well and lots of people learned about CCI and puppy raising! We had no fear reactions and he sat through hours and hours of talks. Just sleeping soundly, like a perfect puppy! The last night he was VERY tired of sitting there so he had 2 hrs. of nice, quiet crate time! Here are some picture showing what we did!

Here are the pictures of Andros riding on the Trolley to the mall. He did really great and just settled down. I was very proud!

Here are some picture of Andros that I took while we meandered around that HUGE store! It was a fun time!

Lastly here are some pictures taken at the hotel!

It was a fun weekend!
~Madison & Andros II


  1. Aww cute pictures. :) looks like you all had fun.

    ~TN Girl & Penelope

  2. Woohoo, go Andros! Love the pictures, especially the one with his name :)

  3. hey, I was just thinking, does CCI have the same colors as Ikea? That just occured to me :)

    Glad you liked the conference! I have always wanted to go to one, but there are never any in my area.

  4. He's getting so big! Stop growing Andros!!!


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