Red Roses and Pink Collars

Ok Guys I know not a very manly name for a MALE dogs post! But once you see Andros's new Girly bed I got him from TJ Max The name will make me! :)

I also have some exciting news! My PPM Suzanne S. will be coming to my state to do a mini puppy raiser workshop for us --------(My state) puppy raisers! I am super, duper excited! It is on Sunday and anyone who's anyone is gonna be there! It is at a fellow puppy raisers house and I am actually going over early to help out and just hang around since I have a soccer game in that same area earlier that day. So Andros, Leno, and Gader are gonna play and gent all tired before it even starts! It is a potluck type things so what better food AND CCI puppies what can be better?! so I will *Attempt* To take pictures but I don't guarantee anything!

Hope you enjoy the not-manly photos!

Madison & Andros
Homework is always better with a wet nose to assist you!


  1. Agreed! Homework is ALWAYS better with a wet nose to assist!

  2. Nice bed, it matches the blog!!

    Is that ur science book?

    Reminds me of my owner's apologia science!


  3. Yeah kinda figured that! NEver seen a science books that words things that way, kinda more fun to read.


  4. cute photos!!! YAY - sounds exciting!

  5. I like the new bed ;) Have fun at your workshop!

  6. Ugh, I'm doing apologea biology right now... Not so fun; the test scores are really harsh!

    Anna Marie

  7. I saw that bed at our TJ-max, I wanted to get it for my dog!
    Love the pictures,

    Frankie's trainer

  8. Cute bed! I love the pix. Esp. the one with the Apologia :)
    Your lab partner, Emily

  9. Oh! The bed is so cute! Oops! I mean handsome, lol!


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