Orange Leaves and Blue Skies!

Hello All,
Andros's life has been pretty boring! This week we did school, and babysat a little girl who is adorable two times. Andros and her think they are playmates! I am just trying to get Andros not to lick her little hands! They are beyond adorable together! This weekend we have no plans but may go take some more fall pictures as it is looking more fall outside then in the pictures in this post! Hope you enjoy the pics...Andros's 9 month day is coming up! Where has time gone.....


Here are some pictures from the puppy workshop a few weeks ago.

Lastly here is the September Scrap Book Page:

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!!


  1. Ah, the lovely fall photo shoots! I'll have to get some good pictures of Alana outside when she comes home.

  2. He's almost 9 months?!?!? Why was I thinking he is waaaaay younger!!!! Oh man!!! What a cutie...

  3. WOW he's so big. Oh my goodness.... Dang I've missed seeing everyone while my computer blocked everyone's blogs....

  4. Cute pictures! Love the scrapbook page! looks aawesome


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