For our exciting outing we went to......

Chicago, IL! A big city for Andros to conquer all the noises, smells, and all around "scariness"! I was a bit nervous about taking Andros to Chicago with us just because when he was little he was a bit jumpity, but he was fantastic! We left at around 9:30 am, drove then, then headed to the doctors appointment. He was great at the appointment as just sat there the whole time with only a few noises! We then went out to lunch which was GREAT! It was so good and again Andi at there like an Angel! Following that we went shopping which Andi wasn't thrilled about since he was he sat there with my brother while I looked for a dress! It was a great time and a great experience for him. He got used to walking nicely even with distractions such as birds, food, people, loud cars etc! I have some pictures for you all! I hope you enjoy and just to warn you there are not a ton of them!

Madison & Andros

(Pictures: At Doc's office, at lunch, walking to lunch w/Jon, and at furniture store!)


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