Blue, Yellow and Independence!

Yesterday was the CCI NCR mini Puppy Workshop for my state! Our PPM was in our state after going to a Service dog Convention at the Paws with a Cause national center!

I got there at 3:30 and helped Beth and Diane watch some pups and carry some food into the barn. At 3:30 there were 2 Golden boys(COC), 3 Yellow Boys(PIT Leno, Denny, Andi) and 1 black Lab, little 5 month old Gibson(Gibbie). Andros and Gibbie were best friends and played together the ENTIRE time! They were adorable together. At about 5:00 Dee and Tolan got there who is....Yellow, adding to the confusion! Garfield got there, and shortly later Light Gold/yellow and one yellow. A little later a dog named Captain got there who is a Light Gold also! At around 6:00 our PPM Suzanne and FANCY III arrived! Fancy III will *hopefully* be graduating in November and is a pretty Golden Retriever, with a great temperament and amazing training, But what else would I expect she is a CCI Dog! :) Beijing(Beans) got there following, who is an Intact Female who decided to go into heat on the way there,they always pick the best times! But she got to play anyways since all the older boys are neutered but she did have like 5 noses up her backside the entire time!

We let the 11 Dog play for a bit longer then went into the barn to eat! We had lots of great food and I put Andros on a Tie down during this time and he just slept like a perfect angel! Following our PPM started talking and Andros did REALLY well during the first 30 minutes but then got a bit antsy! So I sat on the cold, dirty floor with him! Fancy and Beans started scooting toward us so then I had 3 Dog sitting with me! I was much warmer then! :) We then had a Q&A session and I got some pretty informative information that will defiantly help with the puppy raising process!

I drove home with Dee and Tolan and both of the boys just slept the whole ride home they were VERY tired! Dee and I decided that this Wednesday we are going to do a swap so Tolan can get used to lots of kids since he is not around them much and I am going to AWANA!! so look forward to an update then! Overall it was a great day....and just reminded me how much I love CCI, CCI people, CCI dogs, and most of all CCI puppy raising!

Madison & Andros
I'll post the few pictures later!


  1. Poor Beijing. It's no fun playing when you have another dogs' nose up your... Well you know what I mean. Other than that sounds like you guys had a great time!

    Anna Marie and Rusty

  2. It sounds really neat! I love getting to go to puppy raising events like that. Got to love being a raiser. :)


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