An update!

Well this past few days has been pretty busy for Andros and I so his will be a little catch up of sorts. On Friday after going to the library, and science class we came home, packed and left for a church retreat! Sadly though Andros had to stay with my mom as the camp was not "accepting" of the idea of a service dog. So Andros stayed home with my mom and as I heard was a 50/50 naughty nice boy! He didn't like the "Here" command while I was gone. Other than that he was pretty good though. I got home Sunday morning and he was SO excited to see me! I missed him a lot too though! I was very thankful I didn't take him as it down poured the ENTIRE time! My mom, brother, Andros and I went to Panera Bread for some lunch then came home for a day of relaxation and snuggling with my pupper!

Today we practiced the "Here" command, played, did school, ate, then went to Segment 2 Drivers Ed to face the horrid Waxed Floors!!!!! Well to my pleased surprise he didn't care about them at all! I was SO happy and relived as Conover was released for fear of these same floors!

I have some more good news! Our Puppy Program Manager will be coming up to our state to do a workshop about an hour from my house! I am VERY excited!

I will be having some picture up hopefully soon! I may go out tomorrow to take some! OH, also I am on the last stage to getting Andros and I a certified Therapy Team. so we will probably get the bandanna on Friday, maybe?

Wow! That was long! OH and in good new Arlo(in AT, had him in April) is still in AT and is doing well other than barking! The center doesn't have power right now but all the dogs are doing well during a nice little break! Wyclyf came home today from AT after being released! We know he will be a great pet with a great life!

~Madison & Andros


  1. You have been busy lately. I can't believe he is getting so old...Alana, too.

  2. Wow! busy busy! We;ve been pretty busy too!


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