Boy do I love puppy raising!

Well on Monday I remembered how much I must LOVE puppy raising to put up with what I do! Imagine this....
You walk into the room where the crate is and you see a cute innocent puppy with green fluff all over his mouth. then you see all the stuffings from the dog bed spread all over the crate! It was insane!

Well I could say was....boy do I LOVE puppy raising!

~Madison & Andi roast
Here is a picture of Andros's current favorite nap spot!


  1. I have seen that same thing!! I came home from a class and saw Shadow with that weird green fuzz from his dog bed all over the crate!!! +Mental not=don't leave bed in with dog+!!! We still have green fuzz here and there! Every once in a while he'll find a stash and then, well you know what happens!!


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