Such a "picture" filled day!

Okay Guys,
I actually took pictures of Andros as we meandered around our small town! We went to pictures, DQ(pics), Jimmy Johns(pics), and then to see.....drum roll please...MAMA MIA!!! It was a fun filled day full of pictures and food! The first picture was from last week when we went to a bakery...I got a lemon square it was rather yummy! Andros didn't get anything...he only get eau Eukanuba 2x a sad! The next picture is of Andros while we ate at DQ....he looks so white in this picture! Picture 3 is of Andros at JJ next to my JJ cup because they wanted to charge me 27 cents for a paper glass of water for my dog! Here is a photo of Andros after our first attempt to see Mama Mia! It was sold out because instead of $7.50 it was only $3.00, because it is the cheap movie of the week! the rest of the pictures are random pictures I took when we were waiting to see Mama Mia! We went to the next showing....P.S It was GREAT!!!! Also here is a pan out of our exciting week!
Tuesday-Last 4H before fair.....I'm a little nervous for my brother Patrick who is showing Andros!
Wednesday-We are going to a meeting so that Andros can visit people for Hospice!
Thursday-We are going to the County fair(not my county...they don't allow any pups in training?)! Goats, sheep, Horses OH my! Then an Ortho appointment!
Friday-Conner is coming over!!! We will be dropping him back home on Saturday...It will be fun!!!

Madison & Andros!


  1. WOW - Andros does look white in that picture. I love all the pictures. Sounds like quite an exciting day. $.27 are you serious??? wild.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Those pictures are really great!

  3. I love the pictures!!!! :-)


  4. Great pictures! I found you through Shadow's Blog. Can I add you to my link list?

  5. Andros is a beautiful shade of yellow. I've always wanted one of those "white" pups! The pictures are all gorgeous.


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