Not much!

Well I decided I REALLY needed to update the blog! Since starting school(Blah!) not much has been going on! We have been doing school, practicing commands, working on our fear of 2 story railings and mirrors slanted to 45 degrees, weird pup I know! Oh, and we are also working on the on-leash Hurries! It has been a pretty boring life!

August 16, 2008- Conover's friend Phyllis graduated as a Skilled Companion!!!!! She was such a cute pup! She was VERY wrinkly!

I took some pictures yesterday so I will get them up here maybe tomorrow?

Oh Andros went to his first school class on Friday. My advanced Biology class was 1.5 hrs and he sat and whined the ENTIRE time. So we are working on that also! I was SO annoying. He also did it at church on Sunday and my youth pastor noticed. It was pretty funny! He commented on it during his lesson. So we are working to get back to being invisible!

So we are working on ALL of this! It is getting better though, so thats good.

Madison & Andros
Here is a cute baby photo!(Look at how big the cape is!)


  1. I sure get annoyed when the puppies act up when it's "quiet time". Hopefully Andros will become better at school with more practice. ;)

  2. Awwm he, just like veryone else, hates school!


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