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Here is my most recent scrap booking page! It is for July 2008, the August page will be coming soon!


  1. So we read that you guys were in the paper...AWESOME!! :-) Some day soon I will give you my cell phone number so you can call me while I'm at college; it would be so great to hear your voice...and Andros' too! :-D

    Kara & Jen

  2. Once again, great job! Can't wait for the next page :)

  3. Madz...

    I am really going to miss you, girl. I will call you as much as I can. It is so hard for me to write this because as much as I know it's not goodbye it still feels wrong. :-( I love you, Miss Madison. *sniffles*

    Love & God Bless!
    Miss Kara

  4. DeSoto 49N7 Lab M No

    This is just one dog in a phase report. It goes the name of the dog, tatoo number, breed, male or female, and breeder watch. (yes, no.) I hope this helps you in how to read a phase report more accurately!

    Katlynn, DeSoto, & Focus

  5. Your scrapbooking pages are such a good idea!


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