I was left.....

Well Guys,
Andros here. I have some horrible news for you. Today mom was loading up her backpack for science class and getting dressed and such. Well then she put her shoes on, took me out, then put me back in my crate! Well apparently I was too Whiny last week so I had to stay home. I was very sad! But then she came home and we went on a walk, and played with Ruby and my new Jolly Ball. Then I found out that tonight we are going to Obedience practice! I am VERY excited. Sadly after practice she is going to a football game and I am staying home! She said it is the "opening game" and lots of people are going to be there and it's not a good place for a puppy! She did say that I will get to go to a football game later in the season though!

(Licks) & Wags!
~Andros II


  1. Well maybe you can go another time. But at least something good is happening later!


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