AMAZING day!!!!

Well All,
Andros, Ruby, and I just got home not that long ago from the State Dog show! It was great and all my pooches did wonderful! Here is a run through of how Andi did:
1. Service dog/Leader dog(CCI, PWAC, & LDB): 1st place....he was the only one there! Score of 197/200. He got points off for nervousness & lunging....but he's only 6 months old, so that was pretty good!
2. Showmanship: He didn't do that great in this mostly because he was tired and wanted to lay down and take a nap!
3. Rally-O: Andi placed 3rd out of 18 people! It was great! This was one of the first times he had done Rally-O so I was VERY proud!

That was our great day at the State Dog Show also Andi's "issues" are much better now! The vet put him on some medicine to help him!

I am such a proud mom!


  1. That is GREAT to hear, Madz! :-)

    And to answer your question, not only did I see Phyllis, but her new partner let me pet her too! :-D

    What an amazing day for all of us, huh? :-)

    Kara & Jen

  2. That's awesome!!! I'm glad that he was feeling better enough to go! Congrats Andros!!! And congratulations Madison!!!!!!!!!! You two make a great team!

  3. Congrats! That's awesome. Definitely something to be VERY proud of.


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