VBS & Such.....

Well Andros was GREAT at VBS this past week and stayed calm, minded well, and ignored all "distracting" things VERY well! It was very funny, when kids would walk by they would go "OH, that's a dog!" It was pretty funny!

Andros has found a new love! Kiddie pools! He loves the pool and loves digging in it, and dropping toys in it to make a splash! It's pretty funny! Our only problem is that the blue pool and the water bowl look very similar to Andros. So once we learned the a new Madison's puppy command, Enough! So once we learned that the pool was very fun!

OH! I was very proud of Andros. We walked by a Leader dog puppy and she lunged toward Andi and I told him "Let's go" and he just walked by her and ignored her! I was SO proud!

This next week shall be pretty boring! So don't expect much....maybe pictures!?!?!?

~Madison & Andros


  1. Did you get pictures @ VBS? If so I'd LOVE to see them!

  2. Good job, Andros. I think Alana and Andros would be friends. She also loves kiddie pools and splashing in the water!


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