Quirky Andros!

Here are some quirks of my CCI pup Andros. This chain of posts was started Here, then continued Here and Here. Well here are some of Andros's quirks, some will probably be added as time goes on!

1. In the morning when Andros get let out of his crate he finds me holding his collar and pushes his head through!

2. One moment he will be my "dope on a rope" then the next he will be circling the yard!

3. If you put a bowl of water on the floor he will drink as much as you will give him!

4. No matter how mice the bed is in his crate he will crawl underneath it to sleep on the cold crate pan!

5. When you walk Andros he will start walking ahead and then notice he is not walking close enough and will slow down until he's in perfect heel position!

6. After Andros has a bath he goes crazy and runs around....it's pretty funny!

7. When I am in the shower Andros sits by the door and licks it to get at least a bit of water!

I will add more later....keep this going! Tell us your pups quirks!



  1. Oh, that's funny. I think #4 is my favorite! Those are funny.

  2. Good luck Andros on your neuter!! We can comisserate together.

  3. Cool! When I get out of the bath I run around like crazy 2!

  4. Good luck tomorrow, pup. I remember when I got fixed...*shudders* You'll do fine, though. :)


  5. Haha, Spike does the crazy after bath ritual as well. :)


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