I'm Back!

Hello All,
Well this is Madison, and I am back from camp! I got back today at around 2:00 pm. So my mother picked up Andros from the puppy sitters on Monday and she told me he was a "naughty boy". So I asked my mom what she meant, she said he was "vocalizing in play"....SO we will have to work on this! Well my mom said he was a good boy but needs to work on his down, here, and leaving food that on the floor. Which are all pretty basic goals! My mom took him with her on Friday to sleep near the camp and pick me up on Saturday! My mom said he was very good out in public and listened well! When she arrived at the camp Andros was VERY happy to see me and my brothers! It was great to see him too! I missed him SO SO much! Well we are now home and Andros has gone to bed. He is doing really well in his training and we are going to work on those 4 issues....but we do have SOME time.(?) Tomorrow we will be taking some photos and Andros will be losing his "manitude" on Tuesday! Lets hope that will go well!

~Madison & Andros
P.S. Here is a photo of Andros at 8 wks.


  1. It's ok there's going to be some things to work on but no dog is perfect! My trainer has been working with me since she brought me home at 9 weeks and I still don't preform perfectly, (but I'm not a guide dog!) but don't worry Andros will learn he just misses you that's all! :)


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