CCI Breeder Shira

Hello All,
CCI Breeder Shira is the "A" Litter mom. Prior to this litter she had 2 others. In one of my next post I will give a recap of how everyone in the 2 other litter are doing in their CCI training. Here are the litter pictures: L(1st litter), A(3rd Litter), & Z(2nd Litter)!

Madison & Andros


  1. Those are such cute litter pictures!I wonder how they get all the puppies to stay like that and not get up! Must be tough. ;)

  2. Hi! Our son, Kevin, was matched with skilled companion "Loken" just last May in the NW region. Loken is one of the four puppies in Shira's first litter: Loken, Leland, Lacy, and Lane. Leland was matched as a service dog last February in the NE region. Lacy will be rotating through team training in August in the NW region. I don't know anything about Lane.



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