Training the roast way!

In this lesson we are learning the CCI command "Heel". This command is very crucial to a working team and is somewhat difficult to get "proficient". When Andros was learning this comand I could have in him a sit in front of me. Then I would use a treat to lure him into the heel position, then take a step forward. He would then sit and I would tell him "Good Heel". He learned this command really well and now knows "Side" which is the same thing only on the right side. He is doing great with his command and in the next lesson we will be learning "LAP".



  1. Yeah, I remember when Mary Beth taught me "Heel"; you're well on your way, Andros! Mom's teaching me a special new command called "Door" so that when she can't shut a door on her own (or when she's just too lazy to do it...) I can do it for her!



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