Training the roast way-NAME

This is the second edition of training he roast way. In this lesson we will be learning about the ANDROS command. When we CCI pups are 8 weeks old we start to learn out names, and to look at our handler when our name is said. This is very important so our handlers can get our attention, so we aren't Distractable like my brother, Conner. So how mom taught me was this, she would say my name and the second I looked at her she would give me a treat! So I thought I'll look at her a lot! So every time by beautiful brown eyes look at her, she give me a treat, GREAT arrangement!

So now i know that whenever she says my name and I look at her great treats are involved. So when we are walking somewhere and I see a bunny or a chipmunk she says my name and I look at her and forget about the "distraction". It's a pretty good command as I have said before, because of the treats, and I love practicing it!



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