Frequently Asked Questions about puppy raising:

Q. How long do you have these dogs?
A. We have the dogs for 14-18 Months. We get them when they are 8 wks. and keep them until they are about 16-20 months. I depends upon where you live and when the dog was born.

Q. Where do the dogs come from?
A. CCI has it's own breeding program, but occasionally they use GDB breeding dogs or private breeding stud. They also sometimes get donated puppies who are up to CCI's standard.

Q. What kinds of dogs are they?
A. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and a Lab/Golden cross.

Q. How do you train them?
A. We take them to obedience classes, teach them house manners, give them lots of love, and socialize them out in public, to prepare them for their future.

Q. You can take a dog anywhere?
A. Just about -- most people understand, once you politely educate them, that it's important to get the dog used to the kinds of environments his future partner might encounter in the course of his daily life. Office buildings, grocery stores, busy streets, elevators, restaurants, crowds, schools, sporting events....EVERYWHERE!

Q. Do the dogs go to work with you?
A. If you work they would! Their future partners will have jobs too!

Q. Do they ever get to just be dogs?
A. YES! When the puppy is not wearing his "CAPE" he acts just like a puppy! He gets to run, play, cuddle, and enjoy just being a dog! Trust me they defiantly get to act like dogs!

Q. What happens to the dogs who don't make it?
A. CCI calls these "career change" dogs. If a dog is "released" from the program, it might be offered to another kind of agency for different work that's more suited to the dog's temperament or habits. For example, if you just can't break a dog's habit of obsessively sniffing the ground whenever he's out for a walk, they might try to get him work as a search and rescue dog.

Q. And if that doesn't happen?
A. The puppy raiser gets first dibs! If we don't have room for that dog or just say no, they are offered the the best suited applicant on the "Release dog home list". Where these dogs get WONDERFUL Homes!

Q. How can you give them up? I could never do that.
A. Yes, it is difficult! But we all knew this was the mission, and when you see that person getting their dog, you see how much their life is changing, because of you! It's an amazing feeling! Most people don't understand it until they come to a graduation! Go to CCI and find the region graduation closest to you!



  1. Hello Madison and Andros!

    I SO wish I could be a puppy raiser, but it would be too hard since I already have Jen. :( I admire those of you who are puppy raisers; I know it's quite a job, but you're raising MIRACLES!

    So I had this dream last night that the four of us (you, me, Andros and Jen) met up at NCR TT graduation. :) What fun that would be!

    Now for an OT question: How old are you, Madison? In the picture I saw on Saturday's post, you look so young! :D

    Okay, I'm done now, I promise. :)

    Kara. :)

  2. Nice to learn more about CCI! You are extremely similar to GDB. The CCI breeders have been very successful here.

    Last night, I had a dream that someone in my class was raising a CCI puppy. Weird dream, but that would be awesome. ; )

  3. I'll probably won' be a puppy raiser for a while, right now one house dog is enough for me! But in the future I would like to try being a puppy raiser. (Since one of my future careers will be a professional dog trainer) I think that giving the dog up would be the hardest part, but you always have to remember that you are helping someone's life by giving them a dog that can be his/her eyes! I know someone who will be getting a service dog and she is counting down the days, and it helps you to know that you have succesfully trained a dog that will make a difference in someone's life, including your and the dogs!


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