Conner Update!

Well Bethany, Conner's owner was telling me about how her fantastic dog is! Well they have been traveling and were telling me how FANTASTIC he is in the car....DUH! Well he did have an accident, but even she said that was probably their fault. They love him, and his owner Matt likes to wrestle on the floor with him. They also said his obedience is getting better with them. I think that they were having trouble just like when you get a new baby you have trouble. It's all about getting used to things! A part of me want him back SO BAD, then another part of me has common sense and remembers what someone wise told me "We raise puppies to change a life, sometimes we change a different life then previously expected!" like a RELEASE HOME! Well this is all! Conner boy I LOVE YOU!!!!



  1. Ahh that's so good! Andros is looking mighty handsome to. :)


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