Well after my run around this morning I am officially done with my TO DO'S! So this is what I did: Sent in photos for the CCI calender, Send in youth fair entry form, send in 4H state dog show form. This may not sound like much, BUT it took a LONG time! So the week of August 16th Andros the second will be showing in:
Service dog/Leader dog 5-6 Months(w/ me)
Jr. Handling at County fair(w/ Me)
Jr. Handling at State 4H fair(w/ Me)
Obedience Sub Novice A at County fair(w/ my 9 yr bro)
Obedience sub Novice B at State 4H dog show(w/me)
Rally-O at State(w/me)

So this is the plan! I am hoping this will go well! He is a very smart boy who heels beautifully! I love him!



  1. that sounds like a lot of work, but lots of fun! Good luck!

  2. Sweet!! That sounds super fun! I have been thinking about doing adv. obedience with Miss Jen.

    Have you ever been so certain that a decision or a certain path is right for you, only to realize that there's something else tugging at your heart that may change all that?

    If you read my newest post on CCI people, you will understand what I mean. Ugh!

    ~ Kara and Jen II

  3. Wow! Sounds like you've been busy! I can't wait till we find out some more info. about Pet Therapy and find a group!

  4. Hey!
    Glad to hear things are going well with you and Andros. Good luck at your events in August.
    ~ Emily (your chem budy:)


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