5 Months!

I know what you're thinking.....Andros it's June 20th! You're not 5 months till June 30th! Well I decided to do the post a few days(20 to be exact)! Well today we are celebrating my 5 month birthday which marks the change of several things! Here they are!:
~I can go out where other dogs aren't allowed(Restaurants, Malls, grocery stores etc.)
~No more soft "puppy" toys
~More time relatively "alone"
~Longer crate time
~And again I get to go places!(This is the one I am excited about!)

So to mark this occasion I went on my first trip into the HUMAN world of SHOPPING! I went to Cabelas! There were these animals and this glass elevator and it was FUN!! I can't wait to go to other places! Today we also went to a garden store and to Panera Bread! I can't wait to learn more about how to be an assistance puppy!

~Andros II


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