Update on Conover

Well it's been several days since Conover's change of career. So Conover will be coming back to our city on FRIDAY!!! I am SO thrilled, except for the part that he's not at Advanced training. Well a Wonderful puppy raiser from the Ohio area is going to take him home today, then bring him to Marion, OH tomorrow to be transported by some wonderful people who were already coming our way! They are going to take him on the 4-5 hour trip back to our city where I am going to meet them at her sister's house. So from about 1-7:30 I am going to spend some quality time with him, and take LOTS of pictures! Then at 7:30 him new mommy and daddy are going to come and pick him up, so he can go home and get used to living there! It should be splendid!

We're crossing our fingers that everything works out!
-Madison & Andi


  1. Yay! Looking forward to the Conover update!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Conovers CC'd but it sounds like he will be just fine!!


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