Well I know I have not been around lately, I have been SO busy! So we drove back to Denver, CO on Saturday and met up with Sara, Alexander's(Andy's bro) puppy raiser. So we drove for 4 hours to get back to Denver, CO, it took SO long! Alexander and Andros played for about an hour then when Sara left Andros took a LONG nap. So then on Sunday Andros and I played until my aunt picked us up. My cousin Sydney and i then took Andros and her Aussie Daisy on a walk and also played on the school playground. After all that running Andros took another long nap. The next day(Today) we flew back to Michigan and I let Ruby and Andros play and romp together. OH, we also went to our 1st obedience class and worked on sitting when stopped, sit, down, roll, shake, and lets go! Now I just took the dogs on a walk and now they are taking a nap. Well I will post pictures of Obedience class later, now I have to go and do school(BLAH!). OK here is that picture of Andros and Alexander!


  1. awwww, love the picture!!! I think you have the cuter of the two, :P

  2. Aww, they are both so cute!! I agree with Anna though, Andros is just a touch cuter. ;)


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