My Adventure!(Part 1)

So yesterday my family and I got all packed and headed out to Midway(Airport) to fly out on a plane thing to Colorado! The day started out on a sour note, MY MOM WOULDN'T FEED ME OR GIVE ME WATER!How horrible is that. So I got to be carried throughout the airport then when we got on the plane I layed on my towel and chewed on a NEW bone, then slept the ENTIRE time!! Then when we got off mom tried to get me to hurry on the pavement but those buses were TOO loud! So then we waited for 1 1/2 for my crate to come though, it was insane! We then got on the Hertz bus to go get our rental car. When we in our rental car mom put me in my crate and I slept while we drove onto our next adventure! Also here is a picture of me helping my mom pack!



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