Well, since I talked about Conover's litter yesterday I am going to talk about my litter today! Here is a list of the names:

Red- ANDROS, Male(NCR)
Blue- ANZA II, Male(SW, SE???)
Pure- AVALON, Female(NCR)
Neon Green- AMETHYST II, Female(NE)
Neon Pink- ALICIA IV, Female(NW)
Brown- AMIRA, Female(NW)
Pink- ARCO, Male(NW)
Turquoise- ALEXANDER III, Male(SW)
Orange- ANALEE, Female(Released, health)

Well this is my family! Everyone work hard!


  1. In my email to you, I told you Amira is in NW in Onalee and mine's chapter.

    She's a cutie, spunky little sort.

    And Martina (Onalee's human gma, hehe) knows Paolo's BC, so she's keeping them updated.


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