Making peace with a release

Well I have dreaded writing this email for quite sometime now...but I had to get on with it, so here is the story of Conover! I may be a tear alert, so beware!

Since I was 12 years old I had wanted to become a puppy raiser. I begged my parents for 2 years before the finally agreed. I sent in my application, had my phone interview and then was placed on the puppy waiting list. I waited for a long 2 months before I got a call from my PPM. She told me they had a Male, LGX name Conifer(Thats what I thought she said) that was 11 weeks old and needed a puppy raiser. I was jumping up and down, as I talked with her. I immediately said "YES" and she said we could pick him up anytime! I started packing and my mom and I left for OH to pick up my newest trainee. We got to Ohio at around 11:00 pm so we went to bed, and attempted to sleep. The next morning we drove the 30 minutes to the CCI center to pick up Conover...I know figured out the name! When we arrived it was during the November 2006 Team training. I was handed a 20 lb wet puppy who gave me a big kiss right on my cheek. From that point on my heart had been officially melted. We drove the 5 hrs back home that day and I started my journey of raising this puppy.

I raised Conover according to the manual, ever aspect of the manual and called my PPM often asking stupid questions about puppy raising, so that I could raise him "perfectly". We worked hard, got frustrated but still enjoyed every minute of it! We taught people in my area about CCI and service dogs, and helped CCI by doing booths and talks on behalf them. We traveled together IL, NJ, NY, VA, IN, and lastly Ohio! We showed that Leader dog at state dog show that a real score is 197/200! I truly enjoyed every second of it! Even the little things that brightened up my day, hearing that tail bang when we woke up, cuddling in front of the TV, all of it made this past year every bit more special. Conover taught me a lot of things that will help Andi and all other pups I raise, the biggest..patience!

When at the February 16, 2008 graduation and matriculation, I truly realized that Conover was done being puppy raised and needed to choose for himself what the rest of his life would bring. When I took off all his supplies(collar, leash, GL, cape) and put him in his kennel he seemed so happy and I saw there that I wasn't needed any longer, still loved, but not needed. When I received my call from CCI on April 21, 2008 at 3:50 pm I was disappointed, but not surprised. It was weird, all along I knew that Conover wanted to love and be loved, but that he was not made to serve. I had convinced myself all along that this wasn't true, when in fact it was. So Tonya said Conover was released for Distractibility and fear of waxed floors, rather strange combination! These were both problems that I was aware of before turning him in.

Well Conover is going to be adopted by a couple who lives about 5 minutes from us, and is going to be loved and love, exactly what he wants! Maybe they will even do some agility or rally-O with him! He will get all the attention he deserves which will be great! We decided not to keep him because I raised him for someone else , and he can show them the immense love and devotion be showed me as a puppy and change their live as he changed mine!

So Conover, Great job you did well! You worked for 1 1/2 years of your life helping many in our community! Now you can go and run, play ball, and sleep on the couch something that you will enjoy very much now that you are a career changed CCI dog!
You were a great puppy to me, and will be a great dog to them!

-Madison(& Andi, is everyone forgetting about me?)


  1. I am so sorry about him being released, I know the pain. That is great he will live close by!! Good job to both of you for doing such a wonderful job.

  2. I am sure that you are very disappointed, but you did a great job and helped him become the wonderful dog that he is now! He will love and be loved... which as you said is exactly what he always wanted! It is great that you will get to see him too!

  3. awww I started getting teary as soon as I started reading. Reminded me of a similar e-mail I wrote about a year and a half ago.

    I'm sure Conover will be so happy with the career he's chosen. How great that he'll live so close!!!

  4. so sorry about the release :(
    I know that is not the news we raisers ever want to hear- but in the end Conover is where he was ment to be.

  5. Ohhh. :( This made me teary. :'(

    I have a picture of Jen in front of that stained glass too, except mine is on our graduation day!!! I shall post it! :)



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