About the "C" Litter!

Hello all Internet people, Andros here mom made me post the "C" litter standings on MY blog. So here they are!

Red-Charlyn-Nesse pup (SE), TI 5/08

Blue-Cyndal -Blaze pup (NW), TI- 5/08

Purple-Chapman -Nesse pup (SW), AT 2/08

Neon Green-Corinda -Blaze pup (NW), TI- 5/08

Neon Pink-Collier II -Blaze pup (NC), Released, Behavior

Brown-Conover -Blaze pup (NC), AT 2/08

Light Pink-Cass II Nesse pup (NW), TI- 5/08

Turquoise-Cynthia-Nesse pup (SW)- Released, Health

Orange-Colin III -Blaze pup (NE)- Released, Behavior

Black-Clayton II -Blazepup (NE)- AT 2/08



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